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AREER EXPLORATION OVERVIEW                       




Workshop Description :


Regardless of whether you are looking for the ideal first career or planning ahead to make a career change, career exploration is a process which allows you to take charge of your own life. The Spectrum Development Career Exploration workshop teaches participants how to utilize an effective and user-friendly three-step process.


The 3-Step Career Exploration Process

The career exploration process is the same, regardless of whether a person is beginning a career or changing a career. This process involves learning about yourself,  identifying careers that are a good fit, and developing definite but flexible strategies to pursue your career goals.



1.   Self-Assessment

      Understand your Full Color Spectrum Career Profile

      Identify your strengths (i.e., personal attributes, skills, experiences)

      Identify your potential liabilities


2.   Exploring Career Fit

      Identify your preferred working environment

      Match your personality spectrum, strengths, and liabilities to possible careers

      Narrow down the possible careers

      Learn more about your preferred career choices


3.   Developing an Action Plan

      Develop career goals

      Implement strategies to attain these goals


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