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Temperament Styles

Natural Gold

As a Natural Gold I am dutiful and responsible to any group to which I belong. I cherish home and family, and place priority on being responsible to them. I provide order, security and stability to those in my life. I enjoy serving others and will generously contribute my time, efforts and skills. People can count on me to make a commitment and stick to it. I value rules, laws and norms as essential guidelines for helping us all live together. 


Natural Blue

As a Natural Blue I am an intuitive-feeler, and I strive for peace, harmony and balance in my life. I care very deeply for others, and I am often described as a "people person." I enjoy promoting growth and development in others, and I love to help them reach their fullest potential. I bring empathy, warmth and sincerity into relationships. I experience and interpret life through emotions, and develop a personal connection with whatever I am involved with.  


Natural Green

As a Natural Green I am on an unending search for knowledge and understanding, and strive to be competent in all that I do. I prefer a rational approach to life. My logic and analytical abilities enable me to envision ingenious solutions to problems. I view life as an evolving process that should be continuously evaluated and improved. I am an independent thinker and have a strong desire to be in control of my own ideas, thoughts and emotions.


Natural Orange

As a Natural Orange I have a zest for life! I have high regard for my own freedom as well as other peoples´┐Ż. I am free-spirited and fun-loving. I live life to its fullest and seek action and excitement in all that I do. I am adventurous and known for risk-taking. I am spontaneous and can act on a moment's notice, enabling me to be a great resource in crisis situations. I have excellent negotiation skills and can easily create win-win situations. 






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