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As an instructor at the undergraduate level I am pleased to be able to recommend Spectrum Development Training. We have been using Spectrum Training to help students to develop an awareness of the way that they perceive and interact with the world around them and we have found the training workshop to be an effective tool.  Our students have expressed the fact that they have come to understand themselves and why they do what they do a little better as a result of the workshop and also how understanding of temperament has helped them to appreciate and value the gifts that each temperament brings to a relationship.

Here at St. Gregory�s we promote the active involvement of our students in their education and so we support classroom instruction that involves multiple teaching/ learning styles and collaborative learning. Spectrum Development lends itself will to our program in its �hands-on� and visual approach to learning.

I have used Spectrum Development in two of the classes that I teach, Foundations and Self-Leadership Practicum. The Foundations course is a freshman level course required of all students which is intended to help them develop the skills necessary to be successful in college and in life. We use Spectrum Development as part of our discussion of making life and career choices. Self-Leadership is required for our upper classmen as they prepare for graduation and making the transition into graduate school or the professional world. We use Spectrum training as the basis for a discussion of leadership styles, group dynamics and teamwork. In both of these settings Spectrum Development training has proved to be a valuable resource in achieving the course objectives.

Perhaps the greatest testimonial to the success of the Spectrum approach is the fact that our students make reference to what they learned in many other situations and settings on campus. Long after their participation in the workshop many students discuss themselves and their relationships in terms of their natural color and interaction style. It is for these reasons and many more that I highly recommend the use of Spectrum Temperament Development.



Br. Damian Whalen, O.S.B.
Associate Dean of Arts


 Spectrum Temperament Development, Inc.
  P.O. Box 520967
 Tulsa, OK 74114-9998

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