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State of Oklahoma:
Department of Human Services


Thank you, Spectrum Development!

As a Human Resources Consultant, Spectrum Development is consistently the first and most powerful initiating step in the organizational development process.

The application of these principles is equally valid in a variety of settings including secondary schools, universities, private industry as well as state and government organizations. These concepts can be customized for students, employees, front line staff, managers and top level executives. Spectrum Development provides vital tools critical for successful team building and goal accomplishment - whether the goals are improving retention, morale, or increasing productivity.

I have documented a remarkable level of long term effectiveness. This is exemplified by the current inclusion and utilization of staff in office processes. Prior to Spectrum, the administration stated that processes were conducted "in spite of" and to the exclusion of certain individuals. Now the talents and strengths of these individuals are productively valued.

The concepts and application of Spectrum Development provides not only a basic awareness of who we are now, but also the tools for where we want to go. A logical progression of professional and personal enrichment is provided in the variety of classes and modules ranging from Awareness, Career Development, Team Building, Manager and Employee Relations, Parenting, Stress Management, and Marital Enrichment.

Many thanks for making this program available.

Laree Reidenbaugh
Human Resources Consultant

OU-DHS Training Center

617 W. Rock Creek Road

Norman, Oklahoma 73069





 Spectrum Temperament Development, Inc.
  P.O. Box 520967
 Tulsa, OK 74114-9998

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