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         Here is some feedback from some of the participants who attended the Spectrum Development Awareness workshop:

�The Spectrum Program has helped our group work more cohesively. Meetings and team projects run much more smoothly because each member has a greater understanding of how the other member thinks and reacts in various situations. Just last week we experienced some friction in a group meeting. However, the frustrated team member said, �that�s okay, I am a �Green� working with a bunch of �Golds.�  Even though she experienced frustration she was able to work through it because she understood that is wasn�t personal�everyone else on her team just thinks a little differently than her.�

"The Spectrum program is great because it is easy to understand, and more importantly, it is easy to remember the colors and what they mean."

"Spectrum is great for any group that will be working together for an extended period of time�student organizations, work groups or volunteer committees. Because the colors are easy to understand and remember, you can use what you learn about your fellow group members long after the Spectrum session is over."

"I have used other �personality� programs in the past. And although they were effective in helping my group understand themselves, they really didn�t help meet my goal of building an effective work team. Because the Spectrum colors are easy to understand and remember, you can use what you learn about your fellow group members long after the Spectrum session is over."


C. Louann Waldner
Director, Student Career Services
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Oklahoma State University




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 P.O. Box 520967
 Tulsa, OK 74114-9998

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