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Oklahoma Department of Human Services:
Northern Oklahoma Resource Center

To:       All Interested Persons

From:  Ginger Blocksolski
            Training Specialist II


ANNOUNCING - - - a sincere testimonial from a true believer. Spectrum Development has changed my life! It is also changing the lives of those 250 state employees who have taken the workshop here at the Northern Oklahoma Resource Center of Enid during the year 2000.

My personal life change can be credited largely to Spectrum as a superb model for mutual respect and understanding. My husband of 35 years has experienced Spectrum Development, also. When he and I participated in the Awareness and Development workshops a little over one year ago, we gained insights that helped us begin to smooth many of the jagged edges of day-to-day patterns in our relationship. We now have a language of understanding and can share in utilizing tools that help us resist personalizing each other�s behavior.  We have shared Spectrum information and insights with our two grown children, thus adding an additional level of respect and tolerance to communication within our immediate family.

Equal to the experiences of a personal nature have been the challenges and joys of delivering this startlingly fresh and elegantly simple material to coworkers. Enhancing the quality of their work lives is my mission and my responsibility. Spectrum is an ideal tool to engender this enhancement because it reaches out without intimidation or judgment to all types of employees. Those of our work force who are undereducated and unfamiliar with psychological terms or theories find it fascinating but non-threatening because of its experiential, positive and easy-going tone. For me, it is a joy to share in their growing understandings and appreciation for themselves and for others.

Highly-educated professionals in various therapies and fields of medicine, as well as experienced managers and administrators, also find their way to similar measure of acceptance and understanding, only via more sophisticated thought processing and more complex personal terminology. Because workshop participants are making all their own choices in identifying elements of their personalities, they experience empowerment and self-revelation, each at his/her own level of comprehension. And they can do it with ease side-by-side in the same workshop, thus making Spectrum Development a rare experience and on that is truly democratic in nature and philosophy. 

I hold fervently to the belief that we could be a better society, one that creates healthier environments at home, at work, in our churches and community gatherings, and within each human being; if all of us could experience the enlightening and engaging Spectrum Development model of human personality in the carefully-designed settings that make learning a fun-filled and strongly effective adventure in which we strengthen our personal tools for living.


Most sincerely,

Ginger Blockcolski
Training Specialist II


 Spectrum Temperament Development, Inc.
 P.O. Box 520967
 Tulsa, OK 74114-9998

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