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GSC Communications

Dr. Marla Sanchez
Spectrum Development
4444 East 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135


Dear Dr. Sanchez:

After attending your Spectrum Development for Managers and Employees, I wanted to share with you how impressed I was with your workshop.

The position of manager, as you know, is a most difficult and demanding one. Its complexities are often misunderstood especially when it comes to managing people.  For it is in this area that the greatest problems and the greatest rewards will arise. In most situations production and service goals are clearly stated and easy to quantify.  How the individual employee is defined within those expectations and what behaviors need to be cultivated, enhanced and, at times, corrected in achieving these objectives is often vague and unexamined. Managers are familiar with the needs and objectives of the organization and have some idea of how to get the job done. Their methods as you so correctly point out are shaped by past supervisors, and company culture. A large number of supervisors have no formal or academic management training and become successful (or not) with only time and experience as the teacher. To complicate that, most management models which attain some measure of popularity all seem to start at a level above the average new manager and seek to impose on them an assumed sophistication and experience base. It is in this element that Spectrum Development for Managers and Employees tops them all.

Once we understand the core needs and values of our employees, those things that are important to them, those things that are barriers to better performance only then can we set realistic and achievable goals which will be successful on a number of levels. That, I think is the essence of your training. It is not a common approach to management issues but one that is basic, useful, and eye opening. I enjoyed the way we interacted with each other in practical and hands-on exercises. The pacing was quick but never at the expense of the learning. Your facilitation was expert and sincere but not without a sense of humor. The lack of dry scholarship was in itself refreshing.

The most fun and revealing aspects of your workshop were the moments when many of us whose observations, questions, concerns suddenly clicked into place. We became aware of what was involved in being a manager of people and we began to understand that everything else stems from that. Lights began to go on like a city at sunset.

I commend you for the excellence of your program, your skills as a facilitator, and the simplicity of your message. It is impressive and I will recommend it to all who ask.  Thank you.



Terry Collins


 Spectrum Temperament Development, Inc.
  P.O. Box 520967
 Tulsa, OK 74114-9998

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