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Autry Technology Center

Dr. Marla Sanchez
Spectrum Development
PO Box 700237
Tulsa, OK 74170-0237


Dear Marla,

Someone said, �Life would be easy if it weren�t for other people.�  How often we in education might hear this from one of our students�secondary, post-secondary, or business and industry client.  It is my pleasure to be able to recommend to that student (client) the opportunity to participate in training that could assist him/her in understanding each other better.  By utilizing the Spectrum Temperament Development Model training materials and a certified trainer, we at Autry Technology Center provide training that helps individuals and teams better understand, respect, and connect with one another-families, students, colleagues, employees, and customers.

Students at Autry Technology Center consistently have rated our Spectrum training as excellent and enlightening.  It is amazing to see �light bulbs� come on.  In addition, all comment on how fun and exciting the training and concept is.

Thank you for the professionalism of your organization.  You provide certification training, professional materials, and excellent support.  We at Autry Technology Center provide quality education and want to provide training that makes a difference.  Spectrum helps us to help others develop an appreciation for self and others as well as to develop increased tolerance of others.

Thanks for making a difference!



Lynne Taylor, Ed.D.
Coordinator, Business & Industry Services




 Spectrum Temperament Development, Inc.
 P.O. Box 520967
 Tulsa, OK 74114-9998

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