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Adult Woman


I have to thank you again for that wonderful session on temperaments. It was so meaningful to me and will provide substance for thought for a long time to come. I lay awake early this morning and thought how much sadness and hurt I could have avoided if I had this information when I got married.

My husband, a college philosophy teacher, currently enjoys a sabbatical and spends 12-15 hour days writing a book. Last evening I got him to take a break and gave him the four-color cards to put in order according to how he saw himself. After he puts them in order he flips them over to read the descriptions. When he picks up the Orange card and reads through the list he discards it to the end of the row with, �this is all meaningless.� And I cringe inside because Orange is who I am.

I am an orange, blue, gold, green, extrovert while my husband is a green, gold, blue, orange, introvert. The opposite of me. Yes, as a married woman living in India where most people are the you�re-the-wife-you�re-supposed-to-school, I went through years of feeling mistreated, my lifestyle cramped, my free-spirit broken. But thank God for Orange qualities that helped me cope: flexibility, a love for life, living in the moment, optimism and always being only temporarily defeated�I�ve managed to stay married for almost 21 years.

Now with my children in their teens, and a husband who no longer feels threatened by my Orange ways, I�m finding more freedom for myself, more space and independence to do my own thing�and am happier that I have been in a long time.

This morning I told him �since having high expectations for yourself and bettering and improving yourself comes naturally to you, here�s a list of changes in your life I�d like to see.� He laughed and said, �Will you give me another sabbatical to work on it?�

I could write a book on my life from the color perspective. You�ve given me the tools to get a lot more fun out of life.

Thanks again and God bless your ministry.

The writer�s name has been omitted to honor confidentiality.




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